Raise money for your organization while supporting a locally owned small business.

The event will cost your organization NOTHING! All you need is a minimum of eight participants (max 25), and your organization will receive 15% of the proceeds from the event.  We provide a fully automated registration process (a dedicated online link for registration and payment is set up just for you), event preparations, clean up and most importantly...A GREAT TIME! 

We don't limit you to a certain sign size or design option either!  Lath and Letters has 4 different sign sizes, priced from $40-$55 (which includes NYS Sales Tax).  Our options give you the ability to make more money based upon the sign size each participant chooses. We also give you over 80 design choices as well as custom design options. 

AND...we are BYOB!  Feel free to bring your beverage of choice as well as something to munch on!  

Everyone loves to DIY! We are confident that your organization will benefit from a Lath and Letters fundraising event.  Please reach out to me directly for more information on how to set up a fundraising event that everyone will love!